Where can I find my credit card number?

You will find the credit card number on the front of your card. The card number is always twelve to sixteen digits. It is stamped on the front of your card in raised tactile writing and often overlaps the hologram.

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You will find the following features on the front of your credit card:
  1. 12-16 digit number
  2. Validity dates
  3. Chip
  4. Hologram
  5. Cardholder name
  6. Identification number of your bank (BIN)
  7. Bank/financial institution
You will find these features on the back of your credit card:
  1. Signature fields
  2. Three- or four digits, the check digit or security number, here the 123
  3. Magnetic strip
The credit card number uniquely identifies your card. An additional security feature is the hologram, which cannot be copied. The check digit is also not mathematically related to the card number and is not stored on the magnetic strip.