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Tips for your card and PIN security

  • Sign your card as soon as you receive it. Just treat them as if they were your cash.
  • Memorize your PIN. Don't write it down.
  • When shopping with your credit card, make sure you get it back from the seller immediately.
  • Credit card statements that contain your full credit card number should be disposed of without debris if you do not need them later.
  • You should check your statements immediately - while you can remember in detail what exactly you paid using them.
  • Make a list of your credit card numbers and the telephone numbers of the service hotlines and keep them where a stranger can't find them quickly. If you lose your credit card, you have all the data you need to block it immediately.

Are we interested in your data?

No - We have no interest in the numbers you enter on this website. If you are unsure, simply do so without entering real credit card numbers.

What is the Luhn algorithm check?

Credit card numbers are always structured according to a certain scheme. The Luhn algorithm is a test method for this scheme. Hans-Peter Luhn developed the formula in the 60s to check identification numbers.

The formula generates a check digit that is usually appended to the incomplete identification number to obtain the complete number.

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How many characters does a credit card number consist of?

The number of digits of a credit card number varies:
  • Visa:13 or 16
  • Mastercard: 16
  • American Express: 15
  • Diner's Club: 14
  • Miles & More: 15

What is the Major Industry Identifier?

The Major Industry Identifier (MII) is the first digit of the card number and indicates the card issuer's industry. In the case of the VisaCard, for example, the four stands for the "Finance" area.

What is the Issuer Identification Number?

The IIN used on the card can be used to determine the provider of the card. It consists of the first six characters of the credit card number. American Express cards, for example, always start with 34 or 37.